Bashilubemba still upset with Luo


THE Bashilubemba have charged that Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Nkandu Luo has caused suffering in the Bembaland.

Speaking when Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi paid a courtesy call at their palace in Kasama, Bashilubemba said the Bemba Royal Establishment was still not happy with PF Government and Ms Luo for refusing to recognise Mr Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

“This person called Nkandu Luo has really destroyed the Bembaland,” he said.

Bashilubemba said Bembas were not happy with the way the PF Government mistreated Mr Kanyanta Sosala.

Bashilubemba said Ms Luo had caused confusion in Bembaland which needed to be resolved by the next president.

Bashilubemba told Ms Nawakwi that the next president who would be elected into office on January 20 should gazzate Mr Sosala as paramount chief Chitimukulu.

He said the establishment had chosen its desired leader but Government refused to go by what Bemba tradition leaders wanted.

Bashilubemba said the establishment had always been choosing its own desired chief, adding that he did not understand why the PF Government was against the establishment’s wish.

“We have been neglected by PF Government for choosing our own chief so we want whoever will win to gazette Kanyanta because he has been chosen by the establishment,” he said.

“We welcome you for coming in peace to our palace and I am happy for coming to visit me,” he said.

Bashilubemba said he had taken note that there was only one woman in the forthcoming by-election.

He said it had been very long since Zambians saw a woman being in a key leadership role like the late Nakatindi Wina.

“You were once a minister and what you are doing is a good thing. Women are supposed to rule and put their heads together with men,” he said.

Bashilubemba said there was nothing wrong for a woman to rule a country because they were not different from men.

And Ms Nawakwi has promised Bashilubemba and Mwinelubemba that she would reduce the presidential powers under the current Constitution when elected into office.

Ms Nawakwi observed that the president was given a lot of powers hence the interference in chiefdoms

“We do not need to give a lot of power to the president. We shall reduce powers so that it can also be given to the people,” she said.

Ms Nawakwi said the Bemba Royal Establishment needed to be making independent decision such as choosing its desired traditional leader.

She said under the current Constitution, the people had little powers compared to the president.

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