MPs must live with electorate-FDD


MEMBERS of Parliament should live in their respective constituencies to allow and promote decentralization, the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has said.

FDD president Edith Nawakwi said MPs were supposed to be living with their electorate so that they could fully attend to their duties.

And Ms Nawakwi said once elected into office, she would stiffen the punishment for perpetrators of Gender Based Violence.

She was speaking when she addressed rallies in Lundazi at Kunda grounds and Petauke district.

Ms Nawakwi cautioned perpetrators of Gender Based Violence to stop abusing their spouses, adding that under her government she would never tolerate such acts.

“My government will not condone men beating up their wives and women beating their husbands,” she said.

And the opposition leader told the Easterners that PF Government was not a farmer friendly party following its delay to pay the farmers after they supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency.

She said the ruling PF had poor agriculture policies leading to the delay to pay farmers.

Meanwhile, Ms Nawakwi has reiterated that her government would introduce university loans for students by scrapping off the bursary scheme.

Speaking when she addressed rallies in Lundazi at Kaunda grounds and Petauke district, Ms Nawakwi said students would be paying back the loans after getting employed.

“We shall be agreeing with the students such that for five years government will be providing loans until a student graduates.

The money will be paid back through bank transactions,” she said.


Meanwhile, the entire Petauke MMD youth executive has ditched the party to join FDD.

Former youth chairman Sarateyo Mwenda led members from Kapoche, Msanzala and Petauke central constituency during a rally yesterday to join FDD citing poor leadership qualities in the former ruling party.


“It is with great honour and pleasure that we welcome the District executive committee members from MMD who have decided to join FDD today,”


“I equally want to thank the MMD District officials from Kapoche and Msanzala who have joined us today,” Ms Nawakwi said.

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