KCM boasts about CSR investments

KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) General Manager for Sustainability Howard Chilundika has alleged that most of the cellphone service providers are making a lot of money in Zambia, but were not involved in any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

Speaking at the just ended International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) workshop at Moba Hotel in Kitwe when he made a presentation on social investment by mining companies, Mr Chilundika said cellphone service providers cannot surpass CSR investments by mining companies.

“These cellphone service providers are making alot of money from this country, but they are not doing any Corporate Social Responsibility programmes ,” Mr Chilundika said.

He said KCM was engaged in various CSR programmes aimed at improving people’s lives like giving bulls and cows to cooperatives so that they could start owning animals.

Mr Chilundika said the giant mining company was also engaged in other CSR programmes like giving out mosquito nets to people in far flung areas to protect them from mosquitoes and suffering from Malaria once bitten by mosquitoes.

He also said people who were calling on government to take over the running of KCM were ignorant of the consequences of such action, saying that he was happy that the government had refused to take over KCM.

“More than 16,000 people depend on KCM, that is employees and workers of contractors. It is sad that some people are saying grab KCM. We have an example of Collum mine which was grabbed from the Chinese and up to now, the mine is not operational,” he said.

And Chamber of Mines of Zambia president Emmanuel Mutati has said the mining industry cannot reduce poverty in Zambia unless other sectors of the economy like manufacturing and agriculture do their best to contribute towards poverty alleviation.

Mr Mutati said the alleviation of poverty in Zambia cannot entirely depend on the mining sector.

He said it was imperative that other sectors of economy like manufacturing and agriculture were fully developed to contribute to poverty alleviation and economic recovery.

Mr Mutati was speaking at the just ended International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) workshop which was held at Moba Hotel in Kitwe and organized by the Chamber of Mines of Zambia.

“You will not get enough revenue from the mining sector to reduce poverty in Zambia,  I mean the mining sector on its own, cannot reduce poverty in Zambia, hence other sectors like agriculture and manufacturing should do their best to alleviate poverty in this country.

“Other sectors should also do their best, we should not only expect the mining sector to reduce poverty. We will not get enough from the mining sector until other sectors do their best,” Mr Mutati said.


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