CSOs declare war against Sata, Kabimba

The collapse of the constitution making process is the scandal of the year and a consortium of civil society organisations has started mobilizing themselves to conduct mass demonstrations to press President Michael Sata and his Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to release the final draft of the constitution immediately.

The consortium of the civil society organizations has agreed to hold what they have called a ‘rescue the constitution ecclesiastical mass gathering’ at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Saturday in a bid to salvage the constitution making process that has collapsed with the technical committee having resigned and washed their hands of the matter.

Delivering a communiqué on behalf of the consortium, constitution vice chairperson Judith Mulenga who is Zambia Civic Education Executive (ZACE) executive director said Zambians were disappointed and frustrated by the collapse of the constitution making process that the Patriotic Front government had decided upon.

Mulenga said it was sad that President Sata and Kabimba had harassed and compelled the technical committee to only print ten copies to be exclusively handed over to President Sata when the terms of reference were that the document was to be president simultaneously to the Head of State and the general public.

She said Zambians were feeling betrayed by President Sata and his government for haveingrefused to avail the final draft of the constitution to the people after having already spent K115million of tax payers money.

Mulenga said posterity was going to judge President Sata, his Justice Minister Kabimba and some members of his government harshly for denying Zambians the constitution the country has been wasting money over for the last 18 years.

The consortium said it was clear that President Sata and his Justice Minister who is secretary general of the PF had decided to hijack the constitution making process with the intention of altering and removing some of the popular submissions.

Non-Governmental Organization Coordinating Committee (NGOCC) board chairperson Beatrice Grillo said it was shocking that the PF had yet again done a donchi kubeba adding that it was a shame that the country had been struggling to have a new and durable constitution for the last 18 years.

Grillo said instead of remaining committed to the promise of delivering the constitution, President Sata and his government had embarked on bullying and harassing the technical committee so that they could be intimidated into handing the people’s document to the Head of State alone.

“Zambians are not fools and cannot be cheated any longer. President Sata and his Minister of Justice should never think of embellish the constitution because Zambians will reject it. The constitution is not a personal document for President Sata or Kabimba and they are attempting to take us back to the time of the third term. They have it all wrong because Zambians will get their desired constitution,” Grillo said.

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